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Foreign forwarders are coming to Moscow to study the peculiarities of Russian logistics

Foreign forwarders are coming to Moscow to study the peculiarities of Russian logistics

The first Russian logistics Alliance ACEX was presented at the Worldwide Cargo Marketing conference in Hong Kong.

CEOs of major international companies from USA, Germany, Finland, France, Brazil, Sweden, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Baltics participated at the conference.

Russian Federation and the CIS were presented by the First Russian WorldwideLogistics Alliance ACEX (Associated Cargo Experts).

ACEX Alliance founders had to deal with a complicated task - to convince foreign colleagues as much as possible that working with Russia, with Russian clients, with Russian forwarders is real and still highly profitable, despite internal political wars of recent months and external tensions, if they have reliable direct partners on this market.

Foreign forwarders interested in developing their business in Russia and the CIS join ACEX Alliance as well as transport companies from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novorossiysk, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and other key transport regions. Until recently, the names of these cities did not mean anything for foreign logistics companies. Thanks to international promotion and positioning of the Russian Alliance as a secure partners community with a unified clearing center, insurance, and reliability guarantees for its members, the degree of trust in the Russian logistics and knowledge of geography succeeded in expanding.

«The fact that they can do such high-quality presentations in Russia and communicate so skillfully guarantees us good service. It is worth considering to start working with Russian carriers - Steven Alves, Director of Worldwide Cargo Marketing shares his opinion, - - frankly, my previous experience and the experience of my colleagues in cooperation with the Russian companies has been disappointing. Delivery times were disrupted, there was no payment, sometimes the company could not be even found!».

To avoid such situations there is a need to create a serious guarantee platform which will help partners to work conveniently, comfortably and quickly worldwide. Russian Alliance was created for this purpose. The main objective for Russian companies who are Alliance members is formation of logistics supply chain between the main hubs of Russia, in any place in the country directly and without intermediaries.

Russian forwarders arranged a few dozen meetings with foreign colleagues and invited them to the first Conference of the Russian International Alliance Participants on 12-14 of September 2014.

In case of any questions connected with cooperation with the Alliance address to e-mail, Skype, or using the feedback form on the website of the Alliance.

Acex Group – международная транспортно-экспедиторская компания, объединяющая профессионалов рынка логистики Европы и России, оказывает комплексные услуги по международным грузоперевозкам всеми видами транспорта и таможенному оформлению уже более 20 лет.

Офисы компании сконцентрированы в основных крупнейших городах России, Украины, Казахстана, Финляндии, Эстонии, Латвии и Литвы. Представительства региональных сетевых партнеров находятся в более чем 200 странах мира. Складские площади компании насчитывают более 30 000 кв.м. и располагаются во всех крупнейших бизнес центрах Евросоюза и СНГ.

Foreign forwarders are coming to Moscow to study the peculiarities of Russian logistics

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